Collège de Montréal

Dessine-toi dans l'histoire
Acrylique sur bois 244 x 732 cm (8 x 24 pi.) Collège de Montréal, 2016

Dessine-toi dans l’histoire

I was invited to create a historical mural at the Collège de Montréal, a private secondary school, to celebrate their 250th anniversary. Having studied in this institution, it was an opportunity to return to my old school in downtown Montreal, 27 years after having spent part of my adolescence there.

In addition to the mural, a series of workshops with the students of the school’s visual arts program were conducted. Created with educator Isabelle Duguay and Mu, whose mandate is to develop an appreciation of the creative process of mural art, these workshops allowed me to share privileged moments with this younger generation.

The mural was completed on site with the help of volunteer students who helped me put the finishing touches in the fall of 2016.

Collège de Montréal