Manif d’art 3


Order in the Stars

Order in the Stars is an installation of drawings. It is a visual environment that uses white points as representations of stars. The organization of these white points in space recreates the starry sky, but the stars are not randomly disseminated in the sky but are ordered in a systematic way in squares of different colors. The project “Order in the Stars” is thus a cartography of an imaginary confrontation between order and disorder, where the chaos of nature is neutralized by a reorganization of the visible.

Instead of a romantic representation of the infinity of the universe, it is a graphic schematization made with humble materials. The ridiculous and absurd aspect of this utopian allegory appears in the small and delicate paper squares, as the stellar constellations and other objects are sponsored by the 80 largest multinationals of Canada (according to National Post, in 2002). This artificial order of the visible becomes a metaphor of the order imposed by industry on nature. One thus finds oneself in front of a denatured nature, a utopia that is not representation but schematization, an incredible fantasy of control over nature.