Éphémérides (Ephemeris), project created with Élise Cropsal

The Éphémérides project started as a drawing exercise. My wife and I were both very busy with our respective jobs as grahic designer and scenic painter and started to make a drawing a day with no other restriction than the size of the sheet of paper : 7 by 5,5 inches. Saturday February 8th, 2003, a cold Saturday, was our first day.

The project grew slowly and the pile at the end of the table soon required a box. What was sometimes a chore soon became an essential part or our daily lives. We finally decided to stop at one year, the project needed an end. It is only a couple of months later that the idea of an exhibition came up. We showed it for a single evening at the launching of a poetry magazine and the success was such that we decided to show it in public. It is our private/public personal diary of 2003-2004.