This mural, created with the help of Olivier Roy, celebrates the 20th anniversary of the World Trade Centre in Montreal.
The composition of the work depicts, on the left, the modern south building and to the right, the facade of the Saint-Antoine street building. The kaleidoscope at the center of the work is composed of a montage of images representing the glass atrium, creating a visual architectural play in the corner of two walls. Silhouettes of pedestrians become characters in this stage and come to life in these offset decors.
Trade is presented in the wall in relation to the public space, a place where ideas and desires of individuals or groups manifest themselves and take consistency in the eyes of others. Ideas will come together in synergy and interpenetrate themselves : the dynamics of public space is a fundamental element of trade, emphasizing the humanity at the heart of the notion of exchange.
This mural is produced by MU, a non-profit organisation whose mission is to make the city beautiful by transforming Montreal into an open-air art gallery.

You can see the making-of, a wonderful stop-motion film by Stéphane Cocke

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